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Te Tumu Waiora reaching more Cantabrians

With more HIPs and Health Coaches in practice each month, there is significant growth in the number of people benefiting from Te Tumu Waiora. In June:

  • Over 100 people a day saw a HIP or Health Coach across Canterbury

  • A total of nearly 2,600 appointments took place

  • Nearly 40 percent of people were seen because of anxiety/panic, stress or depression.

  • Te Tumu Waiora is providing rapid access to mental health and wellbeing support for those who need it, with 68 percent of people seen the same day or within 24 hours of being introduced by someone from the general practice team

New practices implementing Te Tumu Waiora

Burwood Health, St Martins Medical Practice and Woodham Road Medical have recently begun the process of implementing Te Tumu Waiora and recruitment is underway for Health Improvement Practitioners and Health Coaches in these practices.

This will increase the number of practices across Canterbury with Te Tumu Waiora to 32, with around 225,000 people enrolled across Canterbury able to access the service.

Integrated Primary Mental Health and Addictions Service nationally

Across New Zealand, in June 11,350 people accessed Integrated Primary Mental Health and Addictions Service (called Te Tumu Waiora in Canterbury), with nearly 16,000 encounters. 237 practices have implemented the programme, which now has 347 full time equivalent HIP, Health Coach and Support Workers in practices and the community.

Consumer feedback

Bjorn was surprised and thrilled when his doctor suggested he meet with Brendan, a HIP.

Bjorn had been dealing with depression, anxiety and alcohol use disorder and saw the appointment as an opportunity to get help with his mental as well as physical issues, all through the general practice he already trusted and was familiar with.

“I’ve never had the opportunity to speak with someone who wasn’t my family, a friend or too close to the issues that surrounded me. I had slipped under and ended up being really, really sick,” says Bjorn.

He was able to talk through his issues with Brendan and make a plan to deal with the most pressing issue each week.


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