Te Tumu Waiora implementation team complete

The Te Tumu Waiora project team has welcomed a new face into the fold to support the implementation of the service across Canterbury.

Lurita Kurene started the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Lead role in September, moving from her role as Health Coach at Piki Te Ora in Linwood where she’s worked for a year and a half.

“At the beginning there was only two of us working as Health Coaches and we supervised each other, debriefed and made sure we were alright in our roles.”

In the newly-established role Lurita will be supporting the Health Coaches and Community Support Workers (CSWs) in their new roles, ensuring they have support from their NGOs and are fulfilling the competencies set out.

“We really need someone in place who can support these roles, providing them with a central contact and supporting them to meet theirs and their practices’ needs.”

Hiedee Harris, Te Tumu Waiora Project Lead said: “Lurita will bring a wealth of knowledge about the role of Health Coach, and the how the Te Tumu Waiora model supports general practice teams to deliver mental health and wellbeing support to their enrolled patients.

“We are thrilled that she will complete the implementation project team for Te Tumu Waiora Canterbury.”